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Top 10 cricket teams in the World of all time

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Cricket has become one of the most popular games across various countries and has overtaken many other sports. People show huge interest in playing as well as watching cricket game tournaments. It is now considered to be the national sport of England where it first took its origin. It is played on both national as well as international level worldwide, and ICC (International cricket council) has been playing its major role in conducting various matches. There are test matches, world cup, IPL, ODI matches, test match series, and many more, all organized by the ICC. Teams that play well in every match are ranked higher as compared to other teams. If you want to know more about how many teams in cricket, then one should read the following important paragraphs carefully.


This team has been on the top for many years, owing to the crown of the winning team.

This has been ranked as the first cricket team to be on the top of other teams. It has created the record of winning 34 world cup matches continuously and consecutively, and nearly 537 ODI matches till now.

No other teams are almost near it. Australia is also ranked at the top in the test series. This team posses the best players with the finest skill of batting and bowling. It never fails to impress its fans with its performance.


This team is also known by the name of blackcaps, is ranked after Australia. Though this team never won the ICC Cricket World Cup but still it has reached the finals and ended up as runner-up.


Indian team is highly versatile and is always ranked higher in various categories of cricket games, like the third position for the ODI matches, second position for the test matches, and first position for the T20 series. Their captain MS Dhoni is among the most talented captains who guided their team very well in every aspect. Indian team posse highly skilled batters and ballers. They have won ICC Cricket World Cup twice in their lifetime.


This team is ranked in the fourth position according to the international cricket council. They have a great history of their performance though this team has never won the world cup. They managed their way to the semi-finals many times. They have won many ODI matches and gained top ranking in various categories.


They have an excellent history of performance in their game of cricket and owned the name of lions. They are ranked fifth according to the ICC ranking. This team has won its first world cup in 1996 and gained a lot of success. Sri Lanka also won the world cup T20.


This team is ranked sixth according to their performance in various matches with the help of ICC ranking. This team never won the ICC Cricket World Cup but has been runner-ups many times. This team has made its way to 350 matches of ODI. It has been ranked fifth for its test matches and sixth for T20 matches. It is one of the favorite teams and strongest in terms of players.


This team is ranked seventh by the international cricket council according to their performance in test matches, ODI, and T20 matches. This team somehow managed to be in the top-ranked teams and played its first ODI match against Pakistan.


This team has been ranked in the eighth position in the list of top teams in the World. Pakistan won its first ICC Cricket World Cup in the year of 1992. This team reached quarter-finals and semi-finals many times but won only once. This team has been ranked in the seventh position on the basis of their performance in T20 test matches.


This team is ranked in the ninth position with the help of ICC ranking of top teams in the World. This team is also ranked in the third position for their best Performance in T20 matches in the World. This team has got some of the finest and highly skilled players under the guidance of Phil Simmons. Though this team posses the potential of gaining a better rank as compared to the ninth position, its rank still dropped because of the recent defeat against Sri Lanka in the ODI world cup match.


This team got the tenth rank in the list of top cricket teams in the World with the help of ICC ranking. This team has played many test matches, ODI, and the world cup. This team never won the world cup but always gave their best performance. Moving Further, in case you want to know how many teams are in cricket, then one should read the above-mentioned paragraphs carefully.