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How to bet on test cricket matches

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test match betting
Test Betting Options

There are few formats used by cricket matches on a professional level. Limit overs are available in two formats. ODIs and Twenty20 games (T20s) are included in this. It takes one day to complete the matches. In some cases, a few hours are enough. How about the other one? It can last a few days.

This type of match is called a Test match. The oldest format among the three. Regulations were established for the first time in 1774. The first legitimate Test match was played between England and Australia in 1877.

(This series is one of cricket’s biggest rivalries. These two sides play 5 Test matches each lasting five days, every two years. It’s known as The Ashes.)

Ten official Test nations are England, Australia, South Africa, West Indies, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, and Bangladesh.

The difference between a test match and a limited-overs match is that the test matches last five days. Each day, there are three sessions of two hours each. A minimum of 90 overs must also be bowled by the fielding side.

Fundamentally, that’s all it is. Here are some betting markets to examine.

Test Betting Options

There are two common types of Test match betting: wagers on the match result or on the result of any particular over.

The market is far from the only one. These are some ideas for giving you some insight and some of the rules that will determine whether you will be honored for your bet:

  • Player Performance – The entire match is taken into consideration. A drawn game must have a minimum of 200 bowls.
  • The team batsman scores fifty runs – The entire match counts. 
  • A Hundred to Be Scored in the Match – The match is considered as a whole. 
  • Team Batsman to Score a Hundred in the Match – The entire match is taken into account.
  • Most Run Outs 3-Way – The total runs scored in every inning will be taken 
  • Most Match Sixes – The entire match counts.
  • Total Match Sixes – The entire match counts.
  • Batsman Matches – The runs from both innings will be counted. Two or more players finishing on equal numbers of runs will result in void wagers.
  • Match Betting / Draw-No-Bet / Double Chance s – If there have been at least two deliveries, your bets stand. When there is a tie, the dead-heat rule will apply. Losers will be those who bet on the draw.
  • Top Batsman/Bowler – Based only on the first inning.
  • Player Match Wickets: if one ball is bowled, the bet stands. If not, bets are void.
  • Innings Runs – The minimum number of overs is 50.
  • First Innings Lead – The bets must be honored by both teams.
  • Runs in 1st Over (2-Way) – This includes extra runs and penalty run. Betting can only stand if the overs are completed.
  • Test Match Team Totals (2-Way) – Bets settled on the first innings only. The minimum overs required are 50.
  • Innings Run – The team must bowl at least fifty overs.
  • Top Team Batsman or Team Bowler – Is only counted for the first inning.