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A guide to betting on the 2023 Cricket World Cup

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In cricket, the biggest event is the 50 over One Day International (ODI) contest. Here we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to betting on the Cricket World Cup, including the top betting lines, the most popular teams, and a preview of the tournament.

Betting Options

On the biggest cricket tournaments, you can choose from an endless array of betting markets. An event that attracts large numbers of people, sponsors, and the media tends to have more betting options. The benefits of this are immense. This list of the best-betting markets includes both match markets and tournament markets.


1. Outright Winner

For wagers on the ICC World Cup, the bottom line is this: the ability to enter the finals and win the championship trophy. If you are seeking a long-term investment, this market may suit your needs. Studying historical results at World Cups allows researchers to study players, captains, ratings, tactics, and results in a number of areas, including player leadership and cricket ability. Furthermore, the location of the tournament is crucial, as well as the quality of the group that the team is in during the qualifying stage.

2. Top batsman for ICC World Cup

Despite cricket being a team sport, there is no denying that players are capable of great individual performances, which is why winning the ICC World Cup for the best batsman is among the greatest achievements in the sport.

3. Top Bowler In World Cup

The theory circulated some years ago that bowlers won the matches, and not batsmen. Elite bowlers like Trent Boult and Mitchell Starc can not only take crucial wickets at key moments but also control runs.

To play this market, you should focus primarily upon wickets taken. The more sensible choice is to select a proven wicket-taker. 

4. Match Winner

Whenever a game is going to be decided by a matching market, the most popular bet is who will win. In order to properly bet on world cup matches, you need to understand how the bet works! It goes without saying that star players make the best teams.

5. Overall Highest Six

In all games, powerplay overs are crucial, or the first 6 balls. If you get off to a fast start, you’ll win. If you want to get wickets in this situation without hitting the boundary early in the innings, you must do so early on. If the scores are the same at the end of six overs, there is a tie runner.

6. MOM (Man Of The Match)

According to cricket players, a team’s performance is ultimately what counts, but a top player is most pleased when named the game’s player of the match.

In the history of the ICC World Cup, some exceptional individual performances have taken place. 

Taking part in the Cricket World Cup has never been easier! Due to the popularity of the tournament, the bookmakers have been able to profit off of it. When it comes to betting on the ICC Cricket World Cup, you should sign up with the best bookmaker to make sure get the best odds and access to all you need.